Friday, November 9, 2007


I couldn't think of a good way to title this post to show the excitement that I am currently feeling. I hope the exlamation points can convey the emotion. If not, maybe this smiley emoticon will help :0)

That's happiness right there.

So, I guess by now you are wondering why I am, in fact, so excited. Well I will tell you in a short poem.

I've been all alone for 9 long weeks
No one to talk to or kiss my cheeks.

I've been mad, and sad and cried a little
I've been forced into making up riddles

I've had some fun hangin with the dog
And even watching our pet frog

But sooner or later those things get old
And I need somewhere to put my feet when they're cold

But no longer by myself will I roam
Jamie is finally on his way home!!!!!!!!

Sorry, you had to endure that bad poem. I just thought I would change things up on the blog a little. I'm almost for certain that some literary people somehwere will get a hold of this masterpiece and have it published in 11th grade english books everywhere. It's really only a matter of time.

But as you can see, I am very happy that Jamie is coming home. He is leaving Arkansas tomorrow and coming home for good. I am happy for a lot of reasons, but I must say that my feet do really get cold at night and I have truly missed placing them on his bare legs. I'm sure he has missed that also. His wife is a perfect bundle of pure sweetness.

I'm off to prepare the house for the husband. We don't want him coming home to a mountain of dirty towels.