Thursday, January 31, 2008

Personality Type? I'm clueless...

So. It's 12:30 and I am still in my pajamas. Now I realize that some of you might read this and gasp. But for me, it's a personal achievment. I live for days I don't have to get out of my pj's. Does this make me lazy? Well...I don't think so. I like to think of it as saving the environment. The less clothes I dirty up, the less I have to wash, the less water and detergent gets used, the less electricity gets used...and so on and so forth. So really, I'm going green. Al Gore would be so proud. I know that my friend Jennifer totally understand this position. That is why she and I are friends. We appreciate the feel of cotton on all parts of the body at all times of the day.

As I've been laying, I mean working diligently around the house today, I decided it would probably be a good time to start on the next amount of paperwork for the adoption. It is 11 pages of questions about myself. Now, typically I would love to answer questions about myself. It would be my perfect day....pj's and talking about me. But then as I dove into the questions, I realized it is much more difficult than I thought.

The very first question "Describe your personality; include what you view as your strengths and weaknesses."

I realized, that I actually have to come up with weaknesses.

Ok, that was just a joke. I know that I have some. Less than most. But still.

In all seriousness though, it is very hard describing your personality. I can look at any of my friends and describe their personalities without question, but when it comes to myself I'm not sure if I'm actually describing how I am or how I "want" to be. Because I'm sure those two are very different.

I want to be a fashionista. The real me is still in flannel pj's and an oversized sweatshirt with a little bit of beef stew on the front of it at 12:30.

I want to be a people person. The real me doesn't like going to Wal-Mart because of all the people.

I want to be adventurous. The real me would much rather just stay at home.

I want to be a deep thinker. The real me gets hung up in the Britney Spears drama and has to resist the urge to buy Us Weekly.

So you can see my dilema. And of course I can't write things like, "well my biggest weakness is that I hate to grocery shop because I think Sam Walton had a secret ploy to take over the world with his superstores and stupid yellow smiley faces." I have to write things that will make people like me. Which is hard for me. It's hard for me to be really honest about myself. I can't figure out why.

So if one of you reading this could just leave me a comment and describe my personality that would be great. I would totally take your word for it because obviously I am not qualified to describe myself. I think that I am a superhero, when in fact I was hiding in the bathtub the other day because of the wind.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I feel like my purpose for having a blog has been fufilled

I do. I feel like I have arrived in the blog world and completely fufilled my purpose for having a blog.


Well I'll tell you. Someone got to my blog by doing a google search for.....

"Can you build a deck on a double-wide?"

Why yes. Yes you can. Good luck with your deck building adventures. I'm always here to lend out advice and know how on all things trailer related. You came to the right place my friend. I can give you lots of info on double-wides and Jesus.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I know an Israelite

I figured out something yesterday. I am an Israelite. I am one of those people in the desert that God saved, but still wanted more and complained about it.

That's me.

I started this blog almost a year ago to chronicle our adoption process. Well, that didn't happen because we decided to put the process on hold for awhile. So for the past year I have been writing (very irregularly lately) on random occurances in our crazy lives.

Well, now. Here we are. We are sending our adoption application off today. Now I can begin sharing with the world ( three friends who read this) all of the ups and downs that come with adopting a baby.

So the Isrealite thing? How does that tie into the adoption process? Well, thanks for asking.

I have come to a somewhat peace with our infertility. I say somewhat peace, because I'm not quit sure how one can ever be fully at peace with this situation this side of heaven. So I'll stick with somewhat peace. Which is perfectly ok with me. But this is what I caught myself saying on numerous occasions over the past few weeks...."You know, if we were going to be infertile, I at least wish we would have the means to afford adoption."

See that? That's an Israelite in the desert right there. I believe how it was spoken yesterday at church was something like this...."God, if you are going to lead us out in this desert, at least give us some food and water."

Oh, those crazy Israelites. Why couldn't they see that God was in control and provided their every need?

Probably the same reason that I can't see that. I rely on myself. I see things mostly from my perspective and how I think things should be.

I guess what I need to realize is that God has led us to this place in our lives. Why, oh why, would he do that if he was not going to provide in every way for us? The answer is that he wouldn't. He will provide in His time and on His terms. I guess I just need to quit complaining...and just start doing paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. Oh, ther is a lot of paperwork.

Have I mentioned that adoption takes a lot of paperwork?